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Wanna use for free the application in Premium or NoAds version? Do you want to deeply test the application before eventually buying a package?

Weel, here you can try to win a package for free!

Every week we will draw a lucky winner of one free Premium code and a winner of one NoAds code (each code will unlock the application for a week - 7 days)!

How it works? Well, it's really easy for you: retweet and reshare to gain points; each retweet and each post reshared 1 point. You can reshare all the post and tweet you find here into this page to gain the maximum number of points. When the contest ends we will draw the winners through

CONTEST RUNNING FROM 03.11.2015 TO 03.17.2015


Automatically tweet the following text by tapping/cliccking the Tweet button:

Download for free #PowerDownloads, the ultimate download manager for #Android

Automatically tweet the following text by tapping / clicking the Tweet button:

#PowerDownloads | Download at the speed of.. an ostrich! ;)

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